Strategic Systems Programs Leadership

Photo: Vice Admiral Terry J. BenedictVice Admiral Terry J. Benedict, Director. VADM Benedict is responsible for all aspects of the research, development, production, logistics, storage, repair, and operational support of the Navy's Fleet Ballistic Missile Weapon Systems, which include the TRIDENT I and II missiles and their associated shipboard subsystems. He is also the U.S. Project Officer responsible for managing U.S. Government support of the British POLARIS/TRIDENT Force.

Photo: Michael MaglichMichael Maglich, Technical Director/Deputy Direct Reporting Program Manager. Mr. Maglich is responsible for the execution of all aspects of the TRIDENT Strategic Weapons System. This responsibility envelops the weapon system's life cycle and includes performing the detailed weapon system integration function and implementing a totally integrated material support program.

Photo: Jim KetchumJim Ketchum, Plans and Programs Division Director. Mr. Ketchum is responsible for the development and execution of all plans and budgets for the Navy Strategic Weapons System and serves as a member of the Strategic Systems Programs Board of Directors.

Photo: Jimmy D. SmithJimmy D. Smith Director, Integrated Nuclear Weapons Surety Division Director. Mr. Jimmy D. Smith is currently the Director, Integrated Nuclear Weapons Surety Division (SP30) in the Navy Strategic Systems Programs Office. In this capacity, Mr. Smith serves as the senior advisor to the Director, Strategic Systems Programs on nuclear weapons safety and security, and is responsible for the direction, review, and coordination of the SP30 Division and its mission.

Photo: Captain  John V. TolliverCaptain (CAPT) John V. Tolliver, Deputy Director. CAPT Tolliver is responsible for the policies and programs that facilitate the development, production, and support of all FBM systems, AWS, NWS, and future payload research, development and integration for our SSBN and SSGN force. He also guides and oversees activities at SSP headquarters and field activities, and represents SSP technical expertise to external agencies.

Photo: CMDCM(SS) William J. MastCMDCM(SS) William J. Mast. CMDCM(SS) Mast is responsible for the supervision of all enlisted members of Strategic Systems Programs and its subordinate commands. He formulates and implements policies concerning morale, welfare, job satisfaction, discipline, utilization and training of Navy personnel. He is responsible keeping the Commanding Officer aware of existing or potential situations as well as procedures and practices which affect the mission, readiness, welfare and morale of the sailors under his supervision.

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