Onboarding Roadmap

Onboarding Roadmap

What to Expect...

Congratulations on your internship with SSP! As an Intern, you will be participating in SSP's internship program, the D.I.V.E. Program. The program was designed with you in mind; it is specially structured to provide you with an effective and engaging internship experience, resulting in a deeper understanding of SSP as an organization and the skills necessary for a successful career at SSP. The D.I.V.E. Program cultivates a work environment where Interns are Developed, Integrated, Valued, and Engaged.

Before you come onboard, we want to give you an idea of what to expect as you begin your internship with SSP. Employee Onboarding is the process of introducing and acclimatizing new hires to the organization. It includes orientation, but is much more than just your first day on the job. Below you will find a snapshot of your initial experiences at SSP - from the days leading up to your first day on the job through your first few months at SSP.

Before the First Day

Before your first day, you can expect to receive an email from an HR representative at the Human Resource Office (HRO) NAVSEA to congratulate you on your internship. The email will confirm your position, pay, and Entry on Duty (EOD) date. Also included in the email is the contact information for your Supervisor, assigned Sponsor and an Onboarding Representative at SSP. Finally, it will direct you to this website and to the SSP Welcome Package, which contains important employment information and required forms that will need to be completed by your EOD date. You should begin to walk through the contents of the Welcome Package as soon as possible. Complete the applicable required forms and bring them on your first day to facilitate your in-processing.

You will receive an email from your Sponsor to coordinate your arrival to SSP; this person is an SSP employee who will meet you in the lobby on your first day and will be there to assist you throughout a majority of the onboarding process. (Note: You'll learn more about the role of your Sponsor in the paragraphs below.)

In preparation for your first day, you should plan to bring with you:

  • A picture I.D. and your Social Security Card;
  • A voided check from your bank for direct deposit purposes;
  • Proof of your U.S. citizenship (original birth certificate, original Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization, or U.S. issued passport); and
  • Applicable Employment Forms from the Welcome Package.

The First Day

As an Intern, you have been assigned a Sponsor who will greet you on your first day at SSP. Your Sponsor is a current SSP employee who works in your branch and who is responsible for: walking you through security and the Check-In Process; introducing you to your Supervisor and other SSP employees in your work area; ensuring you have the appropriate work space and equipment set up; and answering any immediate questions you may have. This relationship serves to ease your transition into the organization and will last the first six months of your internship.

Your first day will begin with acquiring the appropriate badges to access the building and SSP spaces. Your Sponsor will assist you with this process. The next stop will be the SSP Training Room, where you will begin the Check-In Process. This process serves as your Orientation to SSP. As part of this process, you will meet with an HR Liaison to turn in the employment forms you have already prepared and fill in any that remain. You will also attend mandatory security, safety and ethics briefings, as well as sessions on workforce policies and procedures, career development, training, pay, and benefits. You can expect the majority of your first day to include completing the first steps of the Check-In Process. If this seems overwhelming, don't worry! Your Sponsor will assist you with your Check-in, as needed, and will clarify any initial questions you may have.

Weather/Emergency Conditions: SSP operating procedures are directly dependent on the operating status of the Federal government. To be aware of this status at any given time, including specifics for employees in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, use the OPM Operating Status and Schedules Page. The information provided on this page will be updated immediately upon a determination that operating status is anything other than OPEN. If you do not have access to the internet, you may call (202) 606-1900. In case of emergency or inclement weather, please do not report to work.

Special Needs: SSP offices are completely accessible to persons with disabilities and we will make every effort to accommodate any handicap. Should you have any questions or feel you need additional assistance getting onto and/or navigating the premises, please contact your assigned Sponsor.

The First Week

Your first week at SSP will mostly consist of your beginning to understand your role, responsibilities and duties at SSP. You will meet the rest of your co-workers; further explore the SSP offices and the immediate area; and familiarize yourself with SSP – its mission/vision, its entities, and its organization. You will meet with your Supervisor to discuss the work you will be assigned during your internship, and other need-to-know information regarding work schedules, leadership hierarchies, pay and leave, training, and workforce procedures and policies. This week will set the tone for the rest of your internship; use this time to seek direction and guidance from your Supervisor as you begin to work on projects and assignments.

During your first week you will also meet with the SSP D.I.V.E. Program Coordinator, who is your main point of contact for all issues related to your internship. This person will provide you with a brief orientation to the D.I.V.E. Program, including requirements of the program, roles and responsibilities, and program events and activities. The Program Coordinator will arrange for you to meet other Interns in the organization, and will help get you on the path to completing a successful and meaningful internship at SSP.

The First Three Months

During the first three months, you can expect to discuss training, career development, and performance with your Supervisor. You will outline an Individual Development Plan (IDP) comprised of: formal and informal training; internal and external rotational assignments; continuous education; and self-development learning opportunities. You will work with your Supervisor to set performance standards, and you will discuss rewards, promotion, and advancement.

You will also participate in various D.I.V.E. program events, including monthly Intern brown bags and tours of various SSP locations. You'll have the opportunity to enroll in the SSP Mentoring Program, which will allow you to be paired with an experienced employee who will offer valuable career development guidance and advice. You'll also coordinate with your Supervisor to plan your first external rotation assignment, which will allow you to experience the operations of an SSP field activity first hand. These and other exciting learning opportunities provide the structure and skills needed to prepare you for a career position at SSP.

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