Mission, Vision and Core Values


"Provide credible and affordable solutions to the warfighter"



Apply SSP values and abilities to:

  • Deliver high performance and responsive products to the warfighter
  • Meet and/or exceed stakeholders' expectations
  • Continually improve our processes
  • Enrich the civilian and military workforce
  • Sustain the Government / contractor strategic alliance

Core Values

Key to executing significant responsibility over the long term

The effort to fulfill all aspects of our broadened mission rests on a foundation of the following core values:

  • Commitment to People - Our people are our greatest asset. We support them in their personal and professional development.
  • Integrity - We do what is right and honest and always tell the truth.
  • Respect - We treat each other with dignity, and value diverse opinions, cultures, education and experience.
  • Accountability - We accept responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • Professional Excellence - We strive to be the best at what we do.
  • Partnership - We value long-term relationships with our industry and Government participants, based on shared priorities and goals that result in win-win outcomes.
  • Communications - We share all information, good and bad, openly, clearly, and honestly. "We don't shoot the messenger."
  • Innovation - We encourage creative thinking and visionary ideas that exploit new technologies and business opportunities.
  • Empowerment - We provide authority, responsibility and resources to make decisions at the lowest appropriate level.
  • Dedication - We value the long-term commitment of our civilian and military team members to the program.
  • Technical Excellence - We are committed to systems engineering disciplines that ensure a credible deterrent supported throughout the entire life cycle.
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