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Small business inquiries?  Email the Small Business POC

Questions for the PAO?  Email the Public Affairs Officer

Comments and suggestions for our website?  Email  Website Design and Development Team

Information and inquiries about the Freedom of Information Act?  Visit the FOIA website

IG Hotline - (202) 433-7777 / (855) 749-2854

Family Assistance – Benefits Help and Support

The Civilian Benefits Center can help survivors of current or retired Department of the Navy employees file for Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance and Civil Service Retirement System/Federal Employees Retirement System benefits, Thrift Savings Plan distribution, and unpaid compensation. Please visit the Department of the Navy Civilian Human Resources website to find important information on what actions need to be taken in case of a death, and who takes these actions.  

The Department of the Navy Civilian Human Resources Benefits webpage provides contact information for the different benefits/insurance plans.

Please visit the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) insurance services website for additional information for Federal retirees and their survivors.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

SSP values personnel based on individual merit and perspectives, and values innovation. We strive to foster an inclusive environment as a preferred employer where all are welcomed without regard to the protected categories of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, physical or mental disability, or genetic information, and without reprisal.

An applicant for federal employment with SSP, or current or prior federal employee with SSP may file an EEO complaint if he or she believes to have been discriminated against based on one of the protected categories listed above. Anyone wishing to file an EEO complaint must contact a SSP EEO Specialist within 45 days of the alleged incident of discrimination, or when you began to suspect the incident was discriminatory. SSP EEO Specialists can be contacted at, or 202-433-7817.

To request a reasonable accommodation with SSP for a disability or for religious beliefs, or to contact a SSP Special Emphasis Program Manager (SEPM), send an email to, or call 202-433-7817.

Below are the points of contact for the SSP EEO Program:

To reach an EEO Counselor:
Joshua Jenkins at (202) 433-6819 or
Brenda Braswell at (202) 433-7817 or

EEO Officer
VADM Johnny Wolfe
(202) 433-7001 or

Special Emphasis Program Manager(s)
Joshua Jenkins at (202) 433-6819 or
Brenda Braswell at (202) 433-7817 or

Individuals With Disabilities Program Manager (IWDPM)
Gloria King at (202) 433-6801 or
Brenda Braswell at (202) 433-7817 or

Click the links below to find related information within Department of the Navy (DON):
DON Equal Employment Opportunity
People with Disability
Reasonable Accommodations for Disabilities

Official Mailing Address

Director, Strategic Systems Programs
1250 10th Street, SE
Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5127

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