Emerging Missions

Graphic: Torpedo


Rapid and cost-effective expansion of submarine-based capabilities that fill validated joint warfighting gaps under the new Triad


  • Commander, Fleet Forces Command (CFFC)
  • Commander, US Strategic Command (COMUSSTRATCOM)
  • The SSBN Fleet
  • PEO (SUB)

Program Summary

As SSP looks to the future and recognizes the needs of our nation in the global war on terrorism, Combatant Commanders such as STRATCOM will need both nuclear and conventional strategic weapons. A variety of missions may be satisfied by derivative changes to the SWS. For example, penetrating nuclear or conventional warheads could be delivered by modification to the current TRIDENT II system. To meet the need for tactical strike in support of a land force at some distance from the sea, a Submarine Launched Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (SLIRBM) is a sensible alternative. SSP may find it necessary to develop and deploy weapons such as these, often in a spiral manner where initial capability deploys quickly to be followed by a series of evolutionary improvements that also deploy in minimum time.

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