Naval Treaty Implementation Program (NTIP)


DoN Compliance with all applicable arms control treaties, including avoidance of unauthorized disclosure of national security information and a staffing and training plan that sustains NTIP core competencies


  • Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Operating Forces
  • Navy Program Managers
  • RDT&E Community
  • DoN Activities

Program Summary

NTIP is the lead office for all DoN Arms Control compliance and implementation functions. It develops and executes the necessary plans and detailed procedures to ensure compliance with arms control agreements. The program office identifies acquisition programs or research efforts most likely to be affected by arms control treaties and coordinates with affected Program Managers to ensure that plans and designs for these programs are compliant with treaty requirements. This office also assists program managers in meeting arms control certifications for acquisition milestones. NTIP identifies and conducts reviews of the programs and projects of DoN warfare centers, other shore activities and operating forces that are most likely affected by arms control treaties, and it provides for the training, awareness and outreach products that assist the DoN in facilitating treaty compliance and implementation. NTIP provides advice and assistance to OSD treaty managers about the impacts of arms control on the DoN, and it submits arms control agreement compliance reports to ASN(RD&A).

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