Nuclear Weapons Security (NWS)


Effective and efficient nuclear weapons security systems in accordance with national policy

Primary Customers:

  • Commander, Fleet Forces Command (CFFC)
  • The SSBN Fleet

Program Summary

SSP, as the Technical Program Manager for NWS, is responsible for security and safety of nuclear weapons while in US Navy custody (e.g., at Strategic Weapons Facilities (SWFs), weapons storage facilities, and on board submarines). SSP is leading DoD efforts to improve NWS, and the Navy NWS Roadmap will be used as the basis for the DoD NWS Roadmap. Based on Presidential direction, NWS has become a high interest item. New requirements in the DoD NWS Manual (S5210.41M) were signed out in November, 2004, and these represent a major change. Continued technical program definition, acquisition planning and execution are the current NWS focus. The NWS Program must identify and articulate current risk and describe how SSP plans to mitigate this risk over time to satisfy the new requirements.

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