Our Six Lines of Business

Graphic: Torpedo

Historically, SSP's first and only line of business has been the development, production, and life cycle support of the Navy's Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) Strategic Weapons System (SWS). Through six FBM/SWS generations, SSP acquired specific skills and organizational values that support a capability to accomplish related efforts of importance to the Navy and the Nation. During the past several years, SSP has been able to leverage its expertise in program management and systems engineering into Six Lines of Business.

Strategic Weapons System (SWS)

Maintain and extend the life of the TRIDENT II SWS, the Nation's primary strategic deterrent.

Nuclear Weapons Security (NWS)

Assure the security of nuclear weapons in US Navy custody.

SSGN Attack Weapons System (AWS)

Provide and support the AWS on converted Ohio class submarines that deploy Tomahawk missiles and other payloads.

Conventional Prompt Strike

Develop non-nuclear conventional prompt strike hypersonic weapons.

Emerging Missions

Provide rapid and cost effective expansion of submarine-based capabilities that fill validated joint warfighting gaps under the new Triad.

Navy Treaty Implementation Program (NTIP)

Assure DoN Compliance with all applicable Arms Control Treaties and Agreements.

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