SSGN Attack Weapons System (AWS)


Ohio class conventional missile delivery system that accommodates concurrent SOF missions
  • AWS reliability
  • AWS accuracy
  • Time to reconfigure strike to / from Special Operations Forces (SOFs)

Primary customers

  • Commander, Fleet Forces Command (CFFC)
  • Combatant Commanders (COCOM)
  • PEO (SUB)
  • PMS-392
  • The SSGN Fleet

Program Summary

After a period of examination and planning, the Navy received a favorable decision from the Department of Defense to convert four Ohio-class TRIDENT II submarines, that formerly deployed the TRIDENT I (C4) Strategic Weapon System (SWS), to a tactical capability. Based on SSP's long experience with the SWS in this submarine and our proven skills in fire control, launcher, and weapons system integration, SSP was charged with developing the AWS portion of this effort. The AWS includes the fire control and the launcher as well as supporting shore capability for payloads. The SSGN deploys the Tomahawk weapons system, which SSP integrates into the submarine. The SSP fire control leverages Tomahawk fire control development, and the launcher accommodates a number of Tomahawk missiles in their Multiple All-Up-Round Canisters (MACs) within the envelope occupied by a TRIDENT II missile. The SSGN has a reconfigurable payload which typically comprises fewer Tomahawk missiles than the maximum.

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