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James D. Kern (SES)

Mr. Kern is the Assistant for Systems Integration and Compatibility for U.S. Navy Strategic Systems Programs (SSP).
His responsibilities include senior technical leadership for the Missile, Reentry, and Guidance flight system branches where he oversees the efforts of approximately 2,100 scientists and engineers providing design, development, production, test, test analysis, and Fleet Support for all generations of Fleet Ballistic Missile Systems.
He also serves as the technical liaison regarding missile system hardware within the U.K. where he provides management oversight of the execution of the U.K. TRIDENT II program in the U.S. Mr. Kern was appointed to the Senior Executive Service on Dec. 12, 2017 and has 29 years of civilian service at NAVSEA Crane and Strategic Systems Programs Office.
He has degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. His career experience includes significant roles in all aspects of technology development, aerospace design, production, maintenance, and operations including support to the United Kingdom.
He has served as Program Manager for Missile Integration in support of the Columbia and Dreadnought shipbuilding programs, Head of Missile Integration for the Life Extension of the Trident missile system, and Program Manager for the Trident Missile Test Missile Kit.
Prior to transferring the Strategic Systems Programs, Mr. Kern managed multiple projects at NAVSEA Crane focusing on the development, production and evaluation of Strategic Radiation Hardened Components in support of DOD strategic programs.
Mr. Kern is a recipient of the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award. He is a member of the Acquisition Professional Community and is Level III certified in the Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering (SPRDE) and Program Management career fields.


Last Updated: 15 February 2024


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