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SBSD 2084: Sustaining Sea-Based Strategic Deterrence into the Future

WASHINGTON (May 22, 2023) - This video introduces the Sea Based Strategic Deterrence 2084 (SBSD 2084) mission at Strategic Systems Programs (SSP),...

Mission Priorities

Sustainment of the Strategic Weapons Systems Through 2042

Sustain the D5/D5LE Strategic Weapons System and ensure Nuclear Weapons Surety on the OHIO Class SSBN and in supporting shore facilities through 2042 while providing Naval Nuclear Weapons Program Technical Authority for NW systems and Regulatory Oversight of the Navy Nuclear Deterrence Mission (NNDM). SSP will re-host and sustain the D5LE SWS onto the initial COLUMBIA and UK DREADNOUGHT SSBNs.

Development of Strategic Weapons Systems Capabilities

Develop the COLUMBIA and UK DREADNOUGHT Strategic Weapons System and advanced weapon capabilities in the TRIDENT II D5LE2 missile and W93/Mk7 warhead and reentry body assembly. Simultaneously, SSP will develop and deliver the U.S. Navy’s non-nuclear Conventional Prompt Strike Hypersonic Missile capability to fill a critical deterrence gap in our full spectrum of deterrence.

Safeguarding of the Polaris Sales Agreement

Safeguard the special relationship between the U.S. and United Kingdom (UK) through the Polaris Sales Agreement (PSA) and Mutual Defense Agreement (MDA), benefitting both nations and supporting the UK’s Continuous At Sea Deterrence (CASD). 


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